Principal Marjoneke de Bruyn

Marjoneke has 24 years of experience in education, play therapy and parental guidance. 

• Qualified. B Prim Ed-grade (North West University), Grade 0-12. 

• M Diac Play Therapy (Unisa)

Marjonke has contributed positively to a lot of children’s lives by relieving them of trauma and empowering them. She realized that therapy for children alone is incomplete because they return to the environment that is the cause of the trauma and behavior problems. She therefore developed a series of workshops for parents and teachers to empower them with knowledge to accommodate the repair and adjustment process.

This led to the founding of Ardent Academy, where she can combine all the above passion and experience to create a haven for children where they can develop and learn.


Our Mission

Ardent Academy is a new school with a fresh learning environment. Our passion goes beyond academic intelligence. We are Ardent about our learners' personal and academic goals. With our holistic touch we improve the world of each child. We developed a range of additional services and programs to assist different aspects in every child’s life.

Our Vision

We raise a new generation in an environment with new challenges and traditional methods should be adjusted to help our children face those new challenges. Ardent Academy is at the forefront of preparing parents and their children for the challenges by creating an environment where emotional support is given, new skills are taught and where tutoring is applied in a creative and playful manner.


Academics and what we offer

Curriculum:  CAPS

• Impaq

• Platinum


Platinum fees are included in the monthly school fees.

Please take note that any cost from Impaq is payable directly to them by the parents and is NOT included in the school fees that is payable to Ardent Academy.


Teaching Language

• Afrikaans

• English



• Gr 1 to 12



  • Transformational and remedial Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • ADHD Support




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